School Introduction

Geographical Location

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is located in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province and the largest business center in China. Guangzhou is the largest city in this region and the 3rd largest metropolis in China, following only Beijing and Shanghai. Guangzhou has long enjoyed fame as the renowned historic and cultural centre, the exciting economic hub of the country and is often referred to as "the Southern Gate of China".

Guangzhou is…

  1. A subtropical, coastal city enjoying a temperate climate throughout the year. Flowers blossom year round, giving the area the name "the City of Flowers". Straddling the Pearl River and capped in the north by Baiyun Mountain, the city is also proud of having earned the title of "An International Liveable Community"
  2. The city is a transportation hub boasting a highly-developed and convenient transportation network, connecting major cities around the world, and only 2 hours’ drive from Hong Kong and Macau
  3. Guangzhou is a gourmet paradise with enormous fame as the saying goes "East and West, Cantonese Food is Best"
  4. GDUFS is embraced by Baiyun Mountain, with the north campus enjoying a beautiful environment of marvelous green hills and a variety of flowers, winding streams and intricate bridges: all immersed in fresh air, making itself an ideal place for academic studies and learning. The south campus of GDUFS, being located at the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, offers courses in various study specializations to cultivate elites for the country.

Business Environment

  1. Guangdong:
    "The Manufacturing Center of the World", attracts investments from 1/3 of the Fortune 500 companies
    "The Beacon of China’s reform and opening-up", making up 1/3 of the nation’s export trade and topping the nation’s provincial GDP contribution

  2. Guangzhou:
    Commercial centre and economic hub: Guangzhou is the home to the biannual "China Import and Export Fair", attracting business people from around the world, offering students from GDUFS a unique base for practical training


Evolved from the original Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages and the Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Trade, GDUFS has become a key university in Guangdong Province with international reputation in foreign languages and business education. After more than 40 years’ development, the university now has 3 campuses, totaling 145 hectares in area, admitting over 40000 students per year.

It is a university:

  1. oriented to teaching research and its well-known subjects include finance, trade, business administration and foreign languages
  2. known for featuring outstanding foreign language teaching, offering 15 foreign language programs such as English, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian-Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic  and Portuguese, Hindi, and Laos.
  3. boasting a long list of provincial key majors, including International Trade, Business Administration, International Finance, Accounting, Logistics Management, Convention Economy and International Business and more
  4. providing all-English programs in International Business, Chinese Business Culture and MBA program
  5. leading in the area of graduate employment with a rate of 99% , with its graduates being active in all trades and business
  6. A authorized by the Nation to conduct China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Chinese language proficiency test), known as HSK.

About the Institute for International Education (IIE)

The university was accredited as one of the earliest universities to teach Chinese for non-Chinese speakers. Therefore, IIE has long been responsible for international students’ enrollment, teaching and administration. Up to the year 2013, the universities have received 2,140 international students from over 110 countries and regions. In August 2013, IIE was accredited among the first group of 38 universities and colleges as the Model Base for Studying in China by the Ministry of Education. .

  1. Flexible program setup with year-round application and aptitude-based teaching
  2. Competent faculty with relevant Chinese teaching experience internationally
  3. Business Chinese Programs catering to different needs
  4. Regular Chinese Corner activities with participation by Chinese students from the 13 foreign language programs on campus (English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, and Arabic)
  5. Regular tours of local trade centers and international companies in Guangdong province.

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